82 year old lady swindled by Graceland Properties

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82 year old lady cheated out of thousands of dollars in commissions and marketing reimbursement expenses.

Attention consumers, potential dealers, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, and lending institutions.

I am an 82 year old lady, who has been swindled and cheated by Graceland Portable Buildings a.k.a. Graceland Properties LLC, G.P. Portable Buildings LLC, and JDL Builders. I have been working 7 days per week for about 8 months, with 10-12 hour days. I've had to work this hard because the Federal Government had a fraudulent $1,000,000 judgment against me for the previous 7 years. After battling, and through the grace of God, I won my case. However, they have left intact my Son's fraudulent $1,000,000 judgment. They have offered us numerous compromise and settlement agreements. After thinking long and hard, we felt the world must be made aware. A representative with JDL Builders, and Graceland Properties a.k.a. G.P. Portable Buildings LLC, asked us to sell his buildings for him. They forced me to clear tens of thousands of dollars worth of trees off my property at my own expense(as you can only imagine how valuable trees are in Texas). The sales started off very slow, my Son and I were perplexed as to why. After extensive research, we learned that for the first two months we were not on their website as a dealer. When we approached J.D. Laney, he informed us they "just made a mistake". We also opened up a second location in Red Oak. We sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of their product. I took over the Rockwall location from the previous dealer. After further research we found out that he wasn't on the website the entire time he was a dealer. It is obvious they were just using our lots to funnel all the leads through their lot in Reagor Springs, Texas. Michael Yarbrough and Kent Meyer owned the Reagor Springs lot where they were funneling all the leads to.

We were set to be put in the home and garden show and was told that the Reagor Springs location was going out of business. However, when we visited the home and garden show J.D. Laney, Michael Yarbrough, Tonja Hardage and Sam Hardage were manning a sales booth at the home and garden show and all those leads were funneled through the Reagor Springs lot. They continued to brag about these remarkable numbers being produced at the Reagor Springs location. Then all of a sudden started approaching my Son and Mike Briscoe about purchasing the Reagor Springs lot and the Corsicana lot. They continued to produce astronomical sales numbers. However, after Michael Briscoe bought the Reagor Springs lot from Kent Meyer, we found out that Kent only did about $30,000 the previous month. JD and Kent orchestrated a fraud against Michael Briscoe, and sold the lots to him for $20,000. The Corsicana lot only sold one building the first month after Michael Briscoe took over, keep in mind that the same sales people manned the lot when Michael Briscoe took over. The second month the Corsicana lot sold $70,000. While working at the Reagor Springs lot, I started to call back numbers off of the sales log that Kent provided, and I found out most of the numbers were fraudulent numbers. I then became extremely concerned. Since Mike had taken the lot over, there were only two or three leads per week and then I started to research and talk to people and found out all the leads were being forwarded to Kent at the Reagor Springs location. While at that lot, numerous unhappy customers approached me about Kent swindling them. I became very concerned and conveyed this to JD who could have cared less. The entire time I was with Graceland we never received a referral because of their terrible business practices. JD has left customers in tears in front of my store due to his bad business practices. Drivers have continually lied about delivery dates and times, tore people's property up, buildings, landscaping, roofing, and have left them in tears. This was brought to JD's attention numerous times and in one instance the customer was going to send over her sister to purchase a building. However, the driver delivered the building in the rain, and tore her front yard up and left her crying in the rain. Again, I brought this to JD's attention and the only thing that came out of it was a nasty email that he sent to everyone telling them tough luck, and the customer signed the agreement, and in the agreement's fine print it says the customer is responsible for damage. However, what kind of business practice is this leaving customers crying in the rain? It is J.D. Laney's, Graceland Properties LLC's, G.P. Portable Buildings LLC's, and JDL Builder's LLC's normal business practice to make a quick buck, and use and abuse their dealers, as well as their customers. My Son has had numerous conversations with JD, as he was a vice president and general manager of a huge corporation. Our philosophy and theory was that we earn lifetime customers, not just a one time deal, and that the only reason anyone is in business is because of their customers. I have volumes of unhappy customers' names and numbers and once I get it cleared from the customers, I would be glad to provide these names and numbers of customers so that you may contact them.

They removed buildings off of my lot with no notice. One building was full of inventory worth thousands of dollars that they picked up from Rockwall and moved it to Fort Worth with no notice and busted everything up. Please see attached photos.

JD is fraudulently misrepresenting the sales numbers to fraudulently induce dealers to sign up. As it was explained to JD over and over, that just the sales of the buildings would not pay for the overhead, so other product lines must be accompanied to make it work so it is profitable for everyone, not just for Graceland Properties LLC, G.P. Portable Buildings LLC, and JDL Builders LLC. The other lots are not able to do these astronomical numbers because Graceland is funneling all the leads to Kent Meyer, and Brian Meyer. JD, and Kent conspired to defraud Michael Briscoe into purchasing the Corsicana lot and the Reagor Springs lot. I am 82 years old and when I signed up to become a dealer, I was charged $100 to do a background check and a credit check. We fully disclosed that my Son and I had a fraudulent $1,000,000 judgment against us and JD said it would be no problem, which was obviously the case as he approved me for four dealerships. While setting up the Alvarado location, the landlord lied, tore our buildings up, had my Son install carports then take them down and he then charged back the credit card, stole our rent money, pushed the buildings around the lot with his tractor, damaging them. We informed JD Laney of these activities. After all the money time and effort was exhausted, the landlord called us and told us that JD was trying to work a deal with him on the side. I was flabbergasted. I am 82 years old, and my Son and I have worked hard representing this company, and selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in buildings for this company. Then JD Laney has the audacity to wait until we take all the checks and contracts in for September and then informs me that he is not paying us. Graceland Portable Buildings LLC, G.P. Portable Buildings LLC, and JDL Builders LLC owes me thousands of dollars in commissions as well as non-reimbursed advertising expenses that we incurred out of our own pocket. He then informs my Son about some absolutely positively, untrue postings about him on the internet, and then informs us without notice that he is closing all 5 lots, which is very unprofessional and unethical for the following reason. However, I must again emphasize that the postings on the internet about my Son are untrue. In fact, he was forced to file suit effective today to expose the perpetrator of these malicious, and untrue allegations. I have contacted the Attorney General's Office, the Better Business Bureau, and the following complaint boards which are Ripoff Report, complaintboards.com, and pissed consumer. I am also in the process of contacting the local media. You can contact my Son and myself 24/7 at the number listed below. I would be glad to provide any information that you request. This company is crooked, fraudulent, and have swindled an honest 82 year old lady out of her life. They had me commit to lease agreements, subcontractors, lights, and water. I was just trying to recover from what has happened to me in the last 7 years. We went to the corporate office and JD and asked them to simply make us whole by paying us the commissions they owe us and reimbursement of all expenses. However, they have decided it is better to swindle me.

Mickey Margetis

(214) 256-1417

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